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Allison F
Dallas, TX

July 16 2011
LOVED IT!!! After a long days work, I go in every other day for my zerona treatment, and I feel SO RELAXED with the soothing music and low lighting scenery! One of co-workers referred me there and I must say I thank her for that, not only do they have good prices but they have great staff! My technician Jackie is very friendly and ALWAYS has a smile on her face! As soon as I finish my zerona, I will definitely go back to do laser hair removal, they have the best prices in town! So pay a little attention to the bad reviews and go see for yourself!
Tre S.
Addison, Tx

July 17 2010
I gotta say Novopelle rocks! When I first started my treatments I immediately noticed the staff was overwhelmed. They had too many clients and not enough employees and their customer service wasn't very good. Six months later I am seeing a dramatic improvement. Their service is now excellent, the treatments are working as promised (I'm seeing a huge reduction in hair), and their prices....oh their prices...they are fantastic!
Stephanie C.
Collin, Tx

October 07 2009
I am so thankful to Novopelle!! I was skeptical at first about laser hair removal. Because of great deals that they had going on I decided to try it. Was the best decision I have made! I started seeing results after the first treatment and it has helped my confidence greatly. No more plucking!! The staff is so friendly and you dont have to wait forever before they see you!! They are open on saturdays which was great for me! Very clean and professional enviornment. I just had my second session and I can't wait to see what it does for me. I would recommend to anyone!
Selina R.
Dallas, Tx

October 07 2009
I started this laser hair-removal in Novopelle thanks to a great deal they had. I had the choice of three different areas for a very low price and i could also pay in payments over a period of more than a month! The facility is very calming and so professional that it makes me feel I'm in some kind of spa! The employees are also very professional with their work, friendly, and they will always have the answers for your questions! I have recommended Novopelle to many of my friends and I would for anyone else as well!
Ann Marie N.
Austin, Tx

July 21 2010
I am a total fan of this place!!
location - check
, price - double check
, staff- check
, appearance - check

. My experience overall was very good. When I called for the first time they told me they had a cancellation and that they would get me immediately.  Well, it wasn't immediately, but I was so excited to just get in the same day. I also did a lot.  I'm doing side face, underarms, Brazilian, arms and lower legs. 

I also shopped many of the local prices before I committed and I was shocked to find they were the most affordable by far. I bought a package and added several add-ons for a great price so I loaded up on services. They also let you break in 4 payments which makes it very affordable. My overall experience was fantastic and I can't wait to go back on August 11th. I can't believe I have seen such a difference in only 1 treatment.  My lower legs have hardly grown back.
Hector M.
San Antonio, Tx

November 09 2009
My wife and I learned about Novepelle from a good friend. We had been wanting do the laser hair removal. We are tired of shaving everything every two days and getting skin bumps. We did our research and found out that Novopelle offers the best prices out there. We even travel 1 1/2 hours for each laser treatment session's.  It's worth it! The employees are very professional and are very customer focus. I would recommend Novopelle Laser removal to any of our friends. You need to go and check it out. Novopelle. Keep it up!   Thanks!
Tere S.
Austin, Tx

June 28 2010
I never thought service at a medspa could be improved until I went to Novopelle. Previously I went to another very reputable and expensive place in Austin and they had great service. But Novopelle has exceded my expectations and they were so much cheaper. I had originally made a purchase that I had to cancel for financial reasons. I got no fuss from them. I received my refund immediately. A couple weeks later I went back to "repurchase" the Zerona treatment. During my treatment I loved that they use disposable everything. It really made me feel comfortable. The girls that work there are awesome! The girls also mentioned they are selling franchises. I definitely want to own my own Novopelle!
Mayra R.
Round Rock, Tx

October 09 2009
Wonderful! The girls are wonderful, friendly and professional. Unwanted hair is an embarrassing subject to talk about but the ladies there are very professional when talking about it and when you are in the room getting the treatment. It is slightly painful but they are quick and try to make it painless! I have recommended amongst my friends and family! Very inexpensive compared to other places, and payment options!
Sarah G.
Austin, Tx

October 12 2009
Novopelle has the most affordable prices for hair removal! The service is always great and the staff are friendly. This is my first time every getting hair removal and I am very pleased with the results of my treatments.
Michelle H.
Kyle, TX

March 23 2011
Welcome to my new favorite laser spot! Since the whole Groupon/Adealio/LivingSocial craze started, I have been to sooooo many lasering locations. Hands down, NOBODY will give you a better deal than Novopelle. The technicians are very capable & kind :-) I also think that the laser treatments I've received here have even been more effective than anywhere else. They have a couple of different machines to choose from depending on your skin type, and this makes all the difference in the world. The results speak for themselves!
Bevin G.
Austin, TX

May 20 2011
I'm a little over halfway done with laser in 4 different areas, and ; have to say that I'm pleased with the results. The treatment itself is extremely quick with minimal pain (I think it's worse if you've gotten some sun or haven't shaved very closely) and is effective. The staff is friendly and professional, especially considering the potential embarrassment factor with this type of procedure and they even squeezed me in for an appointment when I spaced on which day I was supposed to be there. I know that they were causing some headaches while getting used to a new system, but it seems like these are running totally smoothly now. With a price about half of what other laser spas are charging (I've checked), it's definitely wo trying them out.
Natalie D
Austin TX

July 04 2011
I started using novopelle this year and just had my second treatment with Sharon Wise. She was amazing!!! I was really nervous and she was very gentle and sweet! Even after 2 treatments I can tell a HUGE difference. I have almost no hair under my arms now. Everyone was super nice and helpful in the office also. I had met with other places previously and they were way expensive and not very helpful at all. I will definitely continue using novopelle and have already recommended Sharon to many of my friends. I hope this helps anyone looking for a more current review! :)
Natalie M
Austin TX

July 05 2011
After doing my research I found they have the best prices in town! At the beginning I was a little nervous since it was a company that I've never heard before but i gotta say everything was great! I did 12 treatments of Zerona and I am very happy with my results, they have a whole nutritional program that they customize according to your needs. The staff is really friendly and professional and you have someone guiding you every step of the way!
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