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About Novopelle

At Novopelle we believe in the philosophy that beauty is for everyone. It’s not a luxury. What does this mean? In short, we got fed up with the latest beauty technologies and procedures being way too costly for most people.
Why should the latest medical cosmetic technologies only be available to a select few when everyone else needs them just as much? Novopelle is here to provide you a rejuvenating and fulfilling experience by making beauty affordable, accessible and unique. Everything from the visual stimuli to the ambient sounds, were developed so you can have a truly transformational experience.

You are invited to come meet our professional team of beauty consultants where we’ll take you through the Novopelle experience. Trust us. You’ll love it.

Novopelle. Find your beauty again.

Beauty Consultants

Beauty consultants are the first step in your beautification process. These team members are trained in all our services’ benefits so they can quickly assess your skin and make the appropriate recommendations.

Beauty Technicians

Our Beauty Technicians are highly trained in skin assessment techniques such as laser skin resurfacing and treatment protocols with all our lasers. They all work under strict supervision of our medical director. All our Beauty Technicians are certified by The Texas Department of State Health Services.

Executive Team

Michael Morris, MD

For the past 26 years Dr. Morris has practiced surgery in North Houston. His surgical practice encompasses a complete range of procedures with a special interest in laparoscopic and aesthetic surgery. He is board certified in abdominal surgery and has attended and taught numerous courses. As a regent of the American society of abdominal surgery, he has been able to teach and propagate laparoscopic procedures all over the world.

Ritter H Vonali
For almost 10 years, Ritter worked with some of the best international brands, developing advertising campaigns and being a firm believer in building a brand through consumer experience. During these years he spearheaded many projects that helped humanize these brands by shifting their vision from selling wares to selling a philosophy.

With this experience in branding and customer service, Ritter sought to create a company with a strong emphasis on selling a philosophy in an industry in dire need of one while providing medical cosmetic services such as laser liposuction, laser skin treatment, skin rejuvenation, laser skin resurfacing, laser hair removal to people who have never been able to afford them.

Luis Hernandez
Luis Hernandez is a marketer like no other. His experience in international business is essential to Novopelle’s success when it comes to marketing opportunities.

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