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Laser Hair Removal

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The Best Results

Laser Hair Removal has never been easier, faster and affordable.  After researching the multiple technologies that exist, we decided to employ the best lasers for hair removal on all skin types- the Candela Gentle Lase and Gentle Yag. Candela meet the highest safety standards and require the least amount of treatments versus other lasers and IPL. 6 to 9 treatments are required for satisfactory results.

The Most Affordable

Novopelle was created with the sole purpose of making laser hair removal affordable for everyone. Our unique cost structure allows us to offer the best prices in any market.

The Best Service

All our laser technicians are rigorously trained under our Novopelle Service Values and certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Patient safety is of utmost importance.

Call today to book your free underarms session.   Valid only for new patients on any of our locations in Dallas, Austin and Houston, Texas.  Financing Available.


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