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Novopelle is proud to be the first facility in Texas to offer the innovative KE Diet. This ketogenic diet is the rage in Miami and we are bringing it to all our patients who have struggled to stick to diets. You can expect to lose up to 20 pounds in 10 days, which makes this program the perfect jumpstart to long term weight loss. Call to set up a free consultation to learn more about this amazing weight loss program.


Have you tried more than 3 times to lose weight and still failed?

Have you lost weight and gained it back?

Do you have elevated cholesterol?

Are you worried about your health or simply tired of being overweight?


Our weight loss programs are the culmination of ideas and expertise of our nutritionists and physician. They have been proven to work with every patient that has followed our guidelines and now you can be one of them. We considered three very important factors in the development of our program.


Losing the Weight Fast

You have been carrying the burden of being overweight for years and there is nothing more satisfying than seeing the pounds come off daily. The pharmaceutical grade ingredients force your body to react quickly to our special diets, mobilizing your fat reserves for immediate consumption. You will feel energized and motivated as the pounds come off.



Nothing is more important than your safety. We perform several no-cost exams before we proceed with any weight loss program. We take your medical history into consideration and modify our programs accordingly. Additionally, the ingredients in our pharmaceutical supplements have met the highest standards. We are proud to use Lamar Plaza Drug Store for all our compounding needs.


Keeping the weight Off

There are two primary reasons why people rebound coming off of diets.

1) Return to unhealthy eating habits.

2) The fundamental basics of their metabolism remains the same.

We address both of these reasons. Our nutritional programs are not restrictive impossible diets. Instead they are comprised of every day satisfying foods that can be followed by anyone. We also address your body’s capacity to metabolize your food intake through a modification of eating habits and creating a fundamental change of how your body regulates your hunger.



The Right Support


Losing weight is as much an emotional battle as physical one. Every Novopelle weight loss consultant understands this and we go to great lengths to ensure that we're there when you need us. We encourage our consultants to provide their personal mobile numbers in order to be availble via text or voice. Sometimes it may be as simple as determining if you can eat a certain food or you may need encouragment. 



Multiple program options for any lifestyle




Lipotropic Injections      

Lipotropic injections help in weight loss and lowering cholesterol levels. These fat burning injections help your body break down stored fats and give you a boost of energy. MICC Lipotropic shots help support liver function and promote the excretion of fat. 


Lipotropic Capsules       These are the capsule version of the Lipotronic injections. 
Lipotropic Lotion       The topical version of Lipotronic injections with a few more ingredients. You can expect an increase in mood, energy, weight loss, memory and focus.




Weight Loss Hormone      

This diet has been used for over 50 years and was originally created by Dr. ATW Simeons. His research showed that by injecting a small amountof this naturally occurring hormone you could safely tap into the body's fat stores that are otherwise almost impossible to get at unless you exhaust all of your other temporary fat reserves first. By combining this fat burning hormone with a Very Low Calorie Diet or VLCD you can lose weight very quickly and safely with little to no hunger. The first thing that people usually notice is that they lose inches quickly and that their clothes are fitting looser within a few weeks. The key is following a high protein low calorie a day diet that allows your body to burn the 2000-3000 calories a day that are being released from your excess fat stores.  This diet has been featured on the Dr. Oz show as well as many other TV specials showing the amazing results people have achieved. During your initial visit you will undergo a complete medical history and blood analysis to ensure your eligibility for this program. Once you are accepted you will be given everything you need to get started. Everything is included and you will come in every 15 days to go over your diet and record your progress. We have thousands of satisfied patients who have seen tremendous results on this specialized weight loss program. If you have tried other diet programs that didn't work then now is the time for a weight loss new beginning. 

Nutritional Cleansing        These effective weight loss programs are ideal for anyone, including teens. All natural food ingredients with a range of products that aid in weight loss, muscle building and overall well-being.
Novo Lipo        Our newest weight loss treatment is here. We use multiple modalities such as ultra-sound, radio frequency, infrared and micro-current to literally melt your fat with this non-invasive treatment . NOVO LIPO is the most effective body slimming/body contouring/skin tighetining method due to its fat reduction properties. Cellulite reduction is achieved by heat and stimulation of collagen fibers. Our patients are seeing 1" -2" in reduction with only their first treatment. Treatments are scheduled weekly.

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